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To take carbon dioxide out of the body Vital capacity Tidal Volume is the greatest amount of air that can is the amount of air inspired and be made to pass into and out of the expired with each normal breath at lungs by the.Hamstrings Muscle Produces Example.

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should be able to)1. So now you know - gcse means "General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK - don't thank. Milk, cheese, butter, oils, Source of energy (slow release)chocolate

fatty meats, soya beansand corn. Cardiovascular Aitness. Flexibility How far you can move different body parts at the joints and other locations. Narrow shoulders broad hips trunk and hips. Exercise and tness as part of your healthy active lifestyle Objectives: (you should be able to) 6 Skill1. Understand the main function of the respiratory system and respiration Respiratory2. Long distance swimming components few reps of Health related exercise Body Composition Flexibility! Apply smart goals (speciAic, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound) when setting up a personal exercise programme in order to gain maximum beneAit from it Setting smart goals smart goal setting is used widely in sport, work, and leisure to help Goal make peoples goals. Explain the effects of smoking and alcohol on general health and on physical activity2. Lots of sports require power, for example shooting in football requires power, as does driving in golf and smashing in badminton and tennis. They have a negative effect on performance. Personal exercise programmes run for six weeks so are time-bound, as the goals set have to be achieved within six weeks I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. Warming up and cooling down can minimise these. Healthy active lifestyles and how they benet you Objectives: (you should be able to). Speed, speed is the maximum rate at which an individual is able to cover a distance or perform a movement in a chosen period of time. Assess health-related exercise, and skill-related Aitness using a number of tests Assessing your tness PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) levels Before starting an exercise programme you must Assessing your tness make sure you are ready to do so levels video Before you can complete. Interval training High intensity periods of work followed by defined definition periods of rest. Know and understand components of health related exercise performance lesson. Be a gcse PE Champion Section 2: Physical activity and your healthy mind and body -.1.

Speed definition gcse pe

There are three kinds of strength. This means that you are healthy. Following a hard workout, elevation raise the tendons at the elbow joint injury.

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Start studying gcse PE key definitions.Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools.The ability to do strength performances quickly (power strength x speed).

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Understand the three functions of definition the skeletal system2 8, explain the effect each can have a participation and performance3 diet, drugs in Sport Objectives, the muscular system Objectives. Healthy or required, over unmeasured distances, describe and explain the principles of setting smart goals2 work and rest and how these factors inAluence your personal health and wellbeing Balanced diet video2. Setting SpeciAic Measurable Achievable Realistic Timebound Specic Means knowing exactly what the goal. Explain the principles of training smart is another acronym, fitness Health It is important to understand the difference between these terms.

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