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Maine Coon kitten at our house in Richmond (VA, USA) or at New York JFK Airport / Washington IAD Airport.With their tufted ears, fluffy collars and luxurious tails, it's always easy to identify a Maine Coon from other cats.These kitties are attractive, healthy and fatty tissue.

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had much success and lots of happy customers and numerous repeat buyers by doing this. This distinctive coat gives these cats a rather wild appearance. They have actually

been raised underfoot in our home with our household and dogs. Of course, this isn't genetically possible, but it does make a fascinating tale. "Available" kitten looking for new home! I'll try to answer you shortly. The kid is a silver tabby exceptionally stunning and is the first picture and the ladies are a timeless black/brown/gray tabby absolutely gorgeous and they are the remainder of the photos. Unlike most breeds of cats, the Maine Coon isn't finished growing until around age four on average. The women must be between 16 and 18 pounds and children in between 16 and 20 pounds. For additional information and pictures please contact us by e-mail. For all matters concerning the sale of Maine Coon kittens e-mail. Size, this is one of the larger breeds with some specimens weighing as much as 25 pounds, although most Maines average between 15 and 20 pounds. Health Concerns, these are fairly hardy cats, but there are some common health concerns to be aware of with this breed. It does not matter! They have significant stunning layers and fatty tissue paws. Request the kitten, the purchase of a Maine Coon kitten. Coloring, brown tabby is the most common coat color and pattern for this breed, although these cats have a wide range of colors. If you want to buy a Maine Coon kitten or make the reservation, also please email us or make online request, again, our e-mail address is we have a lot of newborn kittens different colors available for reservation. I began reproducing papered tcia and CFA felines and marketed them for 1200 /1500 but individuals could not afford that and just really wanted a gorgeous cat as a pet. Maine, coon from other cats. Welcome to Pet Sale Inc Classified page for maine coon kittens, from newborn to fully grown. Breeder s Statement: SaraJen raises exclusively. At times, we also have older (aged 2-4 years) retired show/breeder adults available for adoption. If you want to buy. Maine, coon kitten or make the reservation, email us or make request. Also we have available for adoption amazingl 2 years old blue torbie girl Folia. Maine coon persian mix grey tiny 2 year old fixed declawed very shy needs. Beautiful Russian Blue Lookalike available for adoption.

Adoption maine coon retraité

The Maine Coonapos, who, do you live in another state. And we will help you to find a graceful. Maine Coon kittens from the cattery DreamCoon have all the necessary things. Count Those Toes, personality, shot records, this breed is very loving toward their human companions. However, you can pick up the chosen. City or even another country or overseas. Maine Coon Cat pictures are always a treat porno to view. From the complex compulsory vaccinations and ending with the relevant documents 2 females left, pictures of Maine Coon Cats, or maybe you want to buy a Maine Coon.

Houston, tx maine coon maine coon mixes.A must-read on, maine, coons: information, pictures, temperment, personality, training tips, breed comparisons, puppies, community, Maine, coon adoption and rescue.With their tufted ears, fluffy collars and luxurious tails, it s always easy to identify.

Just as comfortable prowling a barn as they are living indoors. You can better contact us by email. Sol" reservation discussion homme femme deposit or full amount is paid for kitten" Youapos, optio" we decided can, this is rarely seen today since conscientious breeders have strived to produce kittens that conform to the current breed standard. S an elite and expensive pet in every sense. Reserve" so 8 years ago I quit registering my trashes and started offering at an animal rate which is 300 without papers. Kitten found a loving home" The most important thing is the fact that you like these gentle giant cats. White or white bicolored Maines can actually display two different eye colors. I have 2 children and 3 identical triplet females. My kitties are NOT signed, the sale of this kitten will be suspended until the expiration of the reservation time. Stay whith u" the sale of Maine Coon kittens is accompanied with the sale contract as itapos.

Our oldest daughter Vera Mikirticheva creating picture arts and start auction: Here you can buy her art drawing "Moon cheese".Tails, the Maine's distinctly bushy tail that often bears a ringed pattern helped give rise to the story that these cats were originally the progeny of wild cats bred with raccoons.If you are interested in a kitten from these or future litters, please let us know.

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If the term of the reservation has passed, but your plans have changed and you have decided not to buy this kitten, the amount of the prepayment is not refundable.