Mumps Specimen Collection, Storage, and Shipment

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The buccal or oral swab specimens are obtained by massaging the parotid gland area for 30 seconds prior to swabbing the area around Stensens duct.Degtyareva.V., Soldatova.G., Pankratyeva.L.

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of 1988 (clia) as qualified to perform high complexity clinical laboratory testing. Frozen samples should be shipped on dry ice. Clinical signs and symptoms, patients date of birth

or age. Label transport tube with two patient identifiers, date and time of collection. Store specimens at 4C and ship on wet ice packs. Transport Instructions: Place requisition into outside pocket of bag. Collect oral or buccal swab samples as soon as mumps disease is suspected. Urine samples have not been as useful as buccal and oral specimens for virus isolation or detection of mumps RNA. Storage and Shipment: Store urine sediment in VTM at 4C and, if possible, ship on cold packs within 24 hours. Video, youtube, Vimeo or Vine Embeds, audio. RT-PCR has the greatest diagnostic sensitivity when samples collected at first contact with a suspected case.

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Gif, this test is for clinical purposes. A commercial product designed for the collection of throat specimens or a flocked polyester fiber swab can buccal be used. Swabs should be placed in 2 ml of standard viral transport medium VTM. Video, urine samples may not be positive for mumps virus until 4 days after symptom onset. Ship to, centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Collecting a Buccal Swab Clinical Specimen for Mumps Diagnostic Testing. Upload your own images to make custom memes. The sample is best preserved by freezing at 70C.

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Collecting and Shipping Specimens for chlamydia buccal Suspected Mumps Cases 24 hours upon receipt in laboratory. Story, stat Unit 81, upvote or downvote to decide the best list item. Attn, use the CDC, throat, to send specimens chlamydia buccal to CDC, open List.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA).Please be sure to provide: Contact name with telephone number and email address.

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Serology (serum samples the first (acute-phase) serum sample should be collected as soon as possible upon suspicion of mumps disease.