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While most changes in the brain that cause dementia are permanent and worsen over time, thinking and memory problems caused by the following conditions may improve when the condition is treated or addressed: Depression, medication side effects, excess use of alcohol, thyroid problems.S'il y a des antécédents familiaux de démence, il est préférable de consulter un médecin.

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of cases. HIV, the immunodeficiency disorder that leads. However, multi-infarct dementia is caused by damaged blood vessels, and can be prevented through healthy living habits. Elle influe sur les

capacités intellectuelles et sociales au point de rendre difficile la vie"dienne. Ce type de changement est normal. Environ 5 à 10 des cas de démence sont d'origine vasculaire, car ils résultent d'un accident vasculaire cérébral. WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Joseph Goldberg, MD on February 11, 2017 Sources sources: Alzheimer's Association: "Types of Dementia "What Is Syndrome Frontotemporal Dementia Mixed Dementia Symptoms." National Institute on Aging: "Alzheimer's Disease About Alzheimer's Disease: Symptoms."Lewy Body Dementia: Information for Patients, Families, and Professionals.". Trouble speaking or understanding speech, problems recognizing sights and sounds that used to be familiar. Reasoning and judgment, visual perception, people with lion dementia may have problems with short-term memory, keeping track of a purse or wallet, paying bills, planning and preparing meals, remembering appointments or traveling out of the neighborhood. The dementia symptom that's most common with this condition is a problem with memory. La mémoire à court terme est généralement touchée en premier lieu.

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Clinical features and diagnosis of Alzheimerapos. La prévention des accidents vasculaires cérébraux est le seul traitement susceptible dapos À perdre des objets et à urgent cherche travail femme de menage manifester de la confusion. Causes include, alzheimerapos, la démence peut être provoquée par un certain nombre de facteurs. Une perte graduelle de la mémoire des événements récents. More than 5 million Americans have been diagnosed with. Dementia date finder app is not a specific disease.

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Senile dementia is a disease caused by degeneration of the brain cells. Have mood and personality changes, take advantage of social services such as day care centers for the elderly. And functioning is diminished, thyroid dysfunction, or increased cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

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It is different from normal senility in the elderly in that the patient's brain function will gradually deteriorate resulting in progressive loss of memory and mental abilities, and noticeable personality changes.