La box TV Très Haut Débit de SFR

Accès refusé à mon interface sfr box!

Let users focus on what they are watching.Most of the TV experience is delivered through its broadcasted content.

: Interface sfr box

to ensure the experience is smooth enough. The interface helps the user distinguish the type of content through colour differenciation. Lets have a look at the details. Information

and data about programs, channels etc. Build an intuitive and consistent TV experience. Navigation, simplify the navigation through content and features. Userflow 1Channel subscription, userflow 2Recording. Simplify the structure and ease access to key features. Key features, drinks and discussions with friends and relatives who use SFRs TV box helped me to prioritise functionalities homme and focus on the ones that are more important. It allows me to understand how users would work their way through the product. Those tasks which few untertake and even fewer complete can be stored in a less obvious place. I could have also put Video games in this section, but as the audience and the nature of the service are so different, I decided to instead keep a Video Game specific section. Here are some areas I have worked on to improve the experience. 3, discovery, users might wants to discover and consume content that can entertain them (whether it is movie, radio, games etc.). Immersion, imerge the user in a real video experience. que faire pour y rémédier? How to improve the existing SFR experience on TV? This really helped me understand and tackle navigation issues and design a better content architecture. I can iterate easily. But a viewers interaction, navigation through channels and the access to related services (such as on-demand features or channel subscriptions) also play a huge part in the overall experience. Give users some context, there are different kinds of content accessible through the SFR TV box. It was important to capture every feature offered in the SFR TV box. Finding a better content organization, sFR provide numerous services through their TV box (video game on demande, radio, TV on demand, subscriptions for specific channels etc.).

Userflow 3On demand movie, etc, sketch time, flat. Plus, i used this metaphore not only for sfr movies collection but also for features. Box for Desktop interface app, every file you have, the interface become very discrete and natural. Userflow 4Contextual recording, i needed to validate navigation principles, when the user turns on their box.

Interface sfr box:

Thats a lot of time, i like to draw low fidelity layouts as they help me determine very quickly what works and what doesnt. It is then appropriate to push ondemand content in this area. Push content where it is useful and anticipated. Please try again later, box files experience, for instance. Are still viewable at a glance. I have regrouped TV on demand and Video on demand into one concise section called On Demand. If we consider that a user accessing this menu is most probably looking for newdifferent content. It is possible to group features as follow. Everything related to SFR saved programs.

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This helps the user to easily understand in which direction he needs to go to access specific sections of his.